Extreme water meddling will be counterproductive

Assemblymember Marie Waldron AD-75 (R) The state budget agreement earlier in June was really only the beginning of a series of intense discussions involving “trailer bills” that deal with specific issues not included in the main budget itself. Senate Bill 88 is one such bill. This legislation, which I opposed, will have significant impacts on […]

The Environmental Protection Agency vs. rural America

By Mike Machado General Engineering Contractor The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), for those of us only recently awakened by the agency’s relentless attacks on industry and utilities, is the official environmental arm of the White House. It was first named the EPA by our beloved Richard Nixon in consolidation of other environmental agencies formed under […]

The budget deadline was met, but…

Assemblymember Marie Waldron AD-75 (R) On June 15, the Legislature met its constitutional obligations and passed a general fund budget for the upcoming 2015-2016 fiscal year. That budget proposal was $749 million more than Governor Brown had proposed, and bore little chance of passage. Negotiations began quickly, and on June 16 legislative leaders and the […]

“No” to another Civil War

Here we are in the summer of 2015, many years past slavery, past African Americans attaining the right to vote, past forced “back of the bus” seating and water fountains for “whites” only, yet… what do the headlines read? “Nine black women and men shot to death while in church praying, by a 21-year-old white […]

Water worries continue

Water worries continue

Assemblymember Marie Waldron AD-75 (R) As we enter the summer months, state-mandated water cuts resulting from the ongoing drought are starting to take hold. In the 75th Assembly District, local water agencies have been ordered to make cuts as high as 36 percent. A drive up I-15 shows the huge hit agriculture is already taking, and […]

Superior Raingutters a quality business

I would like to take a moment to reflect on why we Fallbrookians are such a tight-knit community. I have been a business owner for 16 years in Fallbrook and I respect the many business people in town that uphold honest, ethical business practices and still have a small town excellence in their level of […]

Supporting Fallbrook and our military

Recently, the Fallbrook Garden Club asked our local Major Market to donate flowers for our annual “Petals For Patriots” project to provide floral arrangements for the wounded warriors’ facility on Camp Pendleton. The garden club has committed to do this for two months of each year. Susan Edmonds, a club member who works in the floral section […]

Reche Club says thank you

The president of the Reche Community Club would like to thank Mama and Papa’s Pizza Grotto of Vista, Major Market, Sharon Mullin, 4H Community Pride Project, the Village News, and Music by Bud, Jack & Ray, and all the club volunteers who helped and contributed to our annual Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser. Thank you to the […]

RE: “Bonsall Sponsor Group opposes Lilac Hills Ranch” [Letter, Village News, 5/8/2015]

Community Planning/Sponsor Groups can be a valuable asset – providing community guidance and insights for planning and development. But when a few political insiders control these groups, forcing their narrow views on the entire community, then the credibility of the planning group process is compromised. That is exactly what has happened to the Bonsall Community […]

Thank you NC Fire Station 3 ‘B’ Crew

Recently, I had an emergency at 1 a.m. and 911 was called. Within a very few minutes, the Station 3 ‘B’ crew was attending to me. I can’t say enough about how simply great they were. They were very professional and sympathetic to my distress. They also stayed with me in the ambulance all the […]

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