Foundation for Senior Care says ‘Thank You’

Thank you! This community continues to amaze me. While there are literally hundreds of people to thank for our recent success, I wanted to single out two groups. We were fortunate to be selected by North Coast Church as a Weekend of Service recipient. Their efforts and contributions have made our building safer, our grounds […]

The word ‘liar’ is used far too often

Let’s say the people of “Salt” and the people of “Sugar” believe differently. A Sugar newscaster reported: “The Salts have a high divorce rate; in fact it is 50 percent.” The Salts replied saying, “We checked and only one in every 10 married men had divorced.” Obviously they can’t both be correct. But the truth […]

Celebrate Fallbrook Football’s upcoming season on May 26

The Fallbrook Football Boosters would like to invite the community out to celebrate the beginning of our upcoming season on May 26 at 5 p.m. at the Fallbrook High School Football Stadium. The event is free to everyone and will feature inter-team scrimmages with our JV and Varsity Squad. We are looking forward to an exciting […]

VFW Welcome Home Party merits a Bravo Zulu

I am having difficulty putting into words my feelings with respect to the incredible “Welcome Home Party You Never Received” for Vietnam War veterans like myself this Saturday (May 20) at the VFW. Quoting from the program for this magnificent event: “You came home and sometimes were denigrated when you should have been celebrated.”  That […]

Re: First canine mayor helps raise over $20,000 [Village News, 5/18/17]

As a dog lover, I really enjoyed the story about our local Fallbrook “Canine Council”; they look like a fine, intelligent, well-mannered group; handsome, as well. Here’s a thought; as they’ve pawed their way into politics, perhaps we could send them to Washington in place of the many losers there now; they couldn’t possibly do […]

President Trump obstructed justice

If you believe that President Donald Trump should be impeached, you might want to sign up at Impeach Trump Now ( More than 1.1 million Americans have signed the petition to impeach Trump. If you are not sure whether Trump should be impeached, you might want to visit Impeach Trump Now and read Professor Laurence […]

Why awards banquets are important

The Village News staff attended the Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce awards luncheon this year. The chamber’s awards banquets, like the Land Conservancy’s awards banquets, and many other community awards banquets, are all important. While many people move to our beautiful hamlet to enjoy the landscape and the friendly atmosphere, others live here and actually get […]

The clock is ticking

Assemblymember Marie Waldron AD-75 (R) This year over 2,800 bills, an excessive number in my view, were introduced in Sacramento. Many have a fiscal impact, and must be referred to the Appropriations Committee, the last stop for fiscal bills before they are presented to the full Assembly or Senate for a final floor vote. With […]

Independent investigation needed into collusion with Russia

The U.S. intelligence community has stated that Russia interfered in our election process. This should outrage every single citizen. There is also a possibility that the Trump presidential campaign colluded with Russia in its interference. This should chill every citizen to the core, regardless of party. Congressmen Issa and Hunter should be vociferously and frequently […]

Re: Issa delivers new books to Bonsall West [Village News, 5/4/17]

Issa’s small gesture is right. Do we really think this puny donation of 76 books which he probably received for free is front page news? It is a positively shameful bit of public relations to cover up Issa’s vote to remove health care coverage to millions of Americans. Let’s hope Issa’s “yes” vote for Trumps […]

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