Unique San Diego Agriculture

Assemblymember Marie Waldron AD-75 (R) More than 14 percent of the nation’s agricultural exports come from California. The state produces over one-third of the country’s vegetables and two-thirds of the fruits and nuts. Contrary to what many in Northern California may think, much of California’s abundance originates in Southern California. The farms and farmers here […]

Help needed to get trash cans to Rockport

The donated items from generous Fallbrook residents to help hurricane hit Rockport, Texas, were delivered last Monday to be distributed to people in need there. New chain saws, food, cleaning supplies, bedding, clothing, books and games for children, kitchen tools, and garden tools were loaded last Thursday at Crop Production Services in Fallbrook and unloaded in Rockport at the […]

California Sculpture Academy is now homeless

Here we go again… another leadership failure within an important Fallbrook community group. Yes, another Fallbrook community organization, originated so many years ago for the good of Fallbrook and nurtured by hard work and financial support of its citizens and businesses, has become an anathema to the citizens it is supposed to serve. Wake-up Fallbrook! […]

Looking for missing experimental balloon and payload

Within the past month, five scouts from Manhattan Beach, Calif. launched a high altitude balloon. This balloon goes up into the atmosphere at least 100,000 meters and expands to about 25 feet across. Attached to the balloon is a payload containing many experiments such as what would happen to popcorn in a high altitude. Sadly, […]

Re: FPUD Proposed rate increase

I am adding my voice to those who have already spoken and written against the proposed rate increases by the FPUD Board of Directors. In reviewing their proposal, it is obvious that setting annual increases relieves the board as well as the staff from tightening their financial belt as the rest of us have to […]

Zinke needs to go!

The $300 million contract awarded to a two-employee firm called Whitefish from Ryan Zinke’s hometown does not pass the smell test. Zinke says he had nothing to do with it. I would believe the Winter Olympics are coming to Fallbrook before I would believe that load of crap. Jack Acomb

Wondering about FPUD

I wonder why an organization with a $220,000 executive at the head can’t put the date issued, author and organization represented on either the eight-page or 10-page documents recently sent to us? I wonder why FPUD doesn’t tell us what they are paying for water from San Diego County Water Authority last year, this year, […]

More questions for FPUD

The Los Angeles Metropolitan Water District is in trouble for charging customers more than the cost to deliver, along with fraud, personal enrichment, and misappropriating public funds. That kind of news puts doubt in the minds of FPUD ratepayers as they are presented with higher and more unaffordable water bills next year, even after California had […]

Our backyard friends

Assemblymember Marie Waldron AD-75 (R) California is a great state with a rich diversity of native wildlife. In the mid-1980’s, I took Project Wildlife training as a native songbird rehabilitator, and have rescued many orphaned baby birds or injured adults through the decades. This session my AB 1031, signed into law, creates the Native California Wildlife […]

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