Fallbrook Garden Club to hear from expert on native plants

Fallbrook Garden Club to hear from expert on native plants

FALLBROOK – Greg Rubin, owner of California’s Own Native Landscape Design, will be speaking to the Fallbrook Garden Club April 28 on the significant differences between classic ornamental horticulture and native ecological approaches, which are critical to avoiding the pitfalls many have experienced. Although the methodology is different, it is not difficult and Rubin will […]

Bird Club to meet May 1

 VISTA – North County Aviculturists, pet bird owners and breeders, will meet Friday,  May 1 at 7 p.m. at Vista Masonic Lodge, 761 Eucalyptus, Vista. The program will be presented by guest speaker Steve Duncan who will talk about the International Crane Foundation. Refreshments will be served and admission is free. For more information, visit http://sites.google.com/site/ncabirdclub/

SDG&E encourages customers to keep Mylar balloons away from power lines

FALLBROOK – Mylar balloons are colorful, festive decorations, however, they can also pose a safety hazard to Fallbrook’s electric system if they’re outdoors and not securely tied down. San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) is urging customers to be aware of the dangers that can arise when Mylar balloons touch power lines. The safety of its customers […]

Tips to help save water

FALLBROOK – There are many ways to reduce the amount of water used in a household and on a property. While many water-saving efforts often are focused outdoors because so much water is used for landscapes, there are several low-cost ways to save water indoors. The collective impact is substantial when hundreds of thousands of […]

Crop Production Services has solutions for residential and commercial water reduction and much more

FALLBROOK – California Governor Jerry Brown’s imposed a 25 percent reduction of water use across the state of California on residential, commercial and agricultural consumption means residents have to become proactive and take action in finding ways to become more efficient in using water. There are many resources, products, and tools that can help. With […]

What to expect when removing a tree

FALLBROOK – Trees serve many purposes in a landscape, providing shade and habitats for birds and other animals and serving as natural blinds between two homes. Trees are often beautiful elements of a natural landscape, adding aesthetic appeal to a property or even an entire community. But there are times when a tree must be […]

Time to continue fertilizing rose bushes

Time to continue fertilizing rose bushes

Well, for all you lucky rosarians who were fortunate enough to get your roses pruned by mid-February, you are probably enjoying (or about to enjoy) your first real flush of blooms for 2015! Continue fertilizing – hopefully ready for the third application – organic, I trust. As I always say, organics are much better for […]

Protecting one’s home when traveling

FALLBROOK – Many families travel during the year, when gatherings with family and friends require individuals to pack up their vehicles and hit the open road to reconnect with loved ones. Such get-togethers are great ways to make a great vacation, but being away for extended periods of time may leave one’s home vulnerable to […]

Warmer temperatures, open trash create prime opportunity for flies

Warmer temperatures, open trash create prime opportunity for flies

SAN DIEGO COUNTY – County residents are reminded that they can help keep flies from being a nuisance during warm weather spells. The key to controlling fly populations is to break the lifecycle at some point to prevent adult flies from emerging from the “puparia.” If there is no moist, organic matter available, the adults […]

Five tips to make the most of spring cleaning

FALLBROOK – Spring is a common time of year when people embark on heavier-than-usual cleaning projects in and around their home. When the time comes, why not do the most thorough and effective job possible? The following five tips can help provide the best spring cleaning guidance ever. Recycle Getting rid of “stuff” is a […]

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