Get Free Help with Your Medicare

Cate Kortzeborn Special to The Village News When someone with Medicare finds his or her way to my office phone, it’s often because of a complicated and snarly issue that’s going to take time to fix. However, it’s sometimes a Medicare beneficiary who found my number somewhere and called for some basic help in understanding […]

Fallbrook Pregnancy Resource Center Heroes Walk for Life

Fallbrook Pregnancy Resource Center Heroes Walk for Life

FALLBROOK – On Oct. 1, Fallbrook Pregnancy Resource Center (FPRC) hosted their Heroes Walk for Life at Live Oak Park. The fundraiser and awareness event’s goal was raising $48,000 to support the center including educational programs such as childbirth, parenting, healthy relationships, GED Prep, and helpful resources including baby beds, strollers, and high chairs not […]

County sponsors flu vaccination clinic

José A. Álvarez County of San Diego Communications Office Don’t have insurance and need to get a flu shot? No problem. The San Diego County is sponsoring clinics throughout the region where you can get vaccinated against the flu. Twelve clinics will take place during October, with vaccine available for adults and children ages three […]

Action is needed to combat metastatic breast cancer

Heather Hanlon Special to The Village News October is known as the Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Month. However, if you know someone who has died from breast cancer, they died from metastatic breast cancer. Metastatic breast cancer is also known as Stage IV breast cancer or advanced breast cancer. It is cancer that has spread […]

Making healthcare accessible

Assemblymember Marie Waldron AD-75 (R) Though we have some of the best medical care in the world, accessing that care can be problematic for millions of Californians. As a member of the Assembly Health Committee, creating access to quality affordable healthcare is one of my biggest concerns. The rising cost of care, out-of-date drug formularies, […]

Thinking about health: Insurance premiums will be up next year

Recently I got a note from a reader of these columns who lives in Warren, Ohio. He had seen conflicting reports about next year’s insurance premiums. The man was skeptical of an article he had read, which reported that insurance premiums are cheaper than they were in 2010, and that the Affordable Care Act will […]

SSNAAPE sponsors 12th low cost spay/neuter clinic Saturday, Oct. 22

SSNAAPE sponsors 12th low cost spay/neuter clinic Saturday, Oct. 22

FALLBROOK  − Senior/Special Needs Animal Assistance Project Endeavor (SSNAAPE), a Fallbrook based non-profit, is sponsoring another low-cost spay and neuter clinic on Saturday, Oct. 22.  The venue is Kahoots Pet Store, 1101 S. Main Avenue, Fallbrook. The VetBus is a state-of- the-art mobile clinic with licensed veterinarian(s) and veterinary technicians on board. Included in the […]

Parkinson’s Association to suspend operations

SAN DIEGO – After 27 years of providing quality-of-life services and therapeutic programs to San Diego’s Parkinson’s community, the Parkinson’s Association (PA) suspended operations on Sept. 30. “This community really does need and deserve our help – particularly the newly-diagnosed when they are broadsided by this devastating diagnosis” says Lisa Fine, the Parkinson’s Association’s executive […]

Dental health and overall health closely related

Dental health and overall health closely related

FALLBROOK – While the mouth seems to function on its own, there is a solid link between dental health and one’s overall physical health. According to the Mayo Clinic, serious conditions such as cardiovascular disease, endocarditis (inflammation of the inside lining of the heart chambers and valves), diabetes, and osteoporosis can have substantial interaction with […]

Parasites and your health problems

FALLBROOK – A parasite is a common organism that feeds off other organisms. It derives its food, shelter, and nutrition by living in or on another organism. These scavengers consume nutrients from their hosts as well as consume other live organisms. Although many people assume parasitic infections in humans are only a problem in underdeveloped […]

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